Friday, December 11, 2009

My Neighborhood #3: 중앙시장- Jungang Market

When I initially planned these neighborhood posts, I thought of them as a way to remember my past. Now it looks like I might be moving back to the old neighborhood. Not to the same place, of course, the new apartment looks quite a bit further from the subway, closer to E-mart. Anyway, now you're not only seeing my past here, but also for my future, my next year or more in Seoul.

Anyway, welcome to Jungang Market, a small but wonderful place to do your shopping. As I've mentioned before, shopping in markets is really the best way to get your shopping done in Seoul. If you have one near by you, check it out. Prices tend to be much cheaper than your typical chain supermarket, especially for things like vegetables and meat. It's way better to support these real people than to support a huge conglomerate like E-mart. Those supermarkets are putting markets like this out of business.

Here's a view of the market from the entrance.

Near the entrance there are lots of food stalls where you can get all sorts of snacks. This day seemed a bit too cold to me to eat outside though...

All sorts of fresh seafood. The temperature was so cold this day, they probably didn't even need ice to keep it fresh....

Here we're buying some vegetables. The vegetable prices are very good here, though we've found much better in other markets. Either way, still beats E-mart...

Tons and tons of eggs...


  1. Hullo! I was wondering if you found any cookware type supplies? Take away boxes and pans or the like?

  2. Yes! Not too much of this inside this market, but the whole area behind the market is a huge kitchen supply area. lots of cookware and I have also seen take away boxes, though they look more like a warehouse than a store. I have seen a lot of stores that sell take away boxes in bangsan market near eulchi-ro 4 ga station. That's also a great market for cooking supplies, although mostly for baking.