Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kikuyama: Hibachi Restaurant, Dedham, MA

Twice since I've been home I've been to Kikuyama in Dedham, MA. This is a local chain of hibachi restaurants in the Boston area. I had actually never been to a hibachi restaruant before but I've been having a lot of fun going. It's kind of like dinner and a show because the chefs cook right before your eyes, not to mention attempt many little tricks while they cook.

The first time we went, our chef was pretty animated and excited about the little performance, though our second chef was a bit unfriendly and lacked enthusiasm wich seems to me the only reason why you would pay so much money for this food is for the show that comes along with it.

Anyway, the food, of course, was quite good, dispite the poor entertainment value. I was satisfied, though I'm glad I didn't order the fried rice because it was a bit salty for my taste.

Here's a video you can enjoy where our chef made a fiery volcano out of an onion.

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