Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have a job! :-D

I have officially accepted a job at Songpa-gu SLP. I originally wanted to work for another kind of school instead of an SLP, not because I don't like SLP, but just to get a feel for different teaching techiniques. But, seeing the other crap jobs I was being offered, this seemed like the best choice, even though I'm actually taking a 100,000 won pay cut. Really, it's only 25,000 won/ week difference and it's not worth giving up a good job to stick up my nose at the pay. In this economy, I just need to be thankful I have a job at all.

This SLP is quite different from my old one. It's the only SLP (Sogang Language Program) that is actually owned by Sogang Universtiy. Thier housing options, to some, might sound miserable, but to me, it's great. They offer dormitories at Sogang Universtiy (which is very far from the school) or they give 450,000 won to find whatever housing you want.

My boyfriend found me a great place near my old home in Sindang (actually, probably not in Sindang-dong), which is two bedrooms, plus a decent looking bathroom (with some help from some shower curtains, it will be lovely, I'm planning already) and a kitchen which is separate. It's hard to tell from the photos, but my boyfriend really loved it. It's on the 3rd floor of a villa, and I hear there's even a patio/roof area. I swiped some stuff from my old apartment that I knew the new girl moving in didn't want and I'm hoping to buy some stuff like beds and wardrobes when I get there. I'm trying to plan out everything in my head, but it's hard going on some poorly taken photos and an skewed floorplan...

I have to be in Seoul before Jan. 22nd. I'm going to come as soon as I can, I just am having a hard time figureing out how long it's going to take to get my visa processed. I sent off my form for a criminal background check, but I don't know how long it takes to process. I also need to figure out a way to drive up to my old university in Vermont to get my transcripts and the copy of my diploma, and then get it all certified with the apostille at the secrertary of state in Vermont. That will be a day in itself.

Anyway, if you happen to be moving, or getting rid of things in mid/late January, please let me know. I will need:
Bed (larger than a twin)
Wardrobe or one of those light movable poles people use
Table and Chairs
Plates/Glasses etc
Desk/ desk chairs

Well, I'll know more of what I need when I move in. We're buying things like the fridge, gas range, vacuum and maybe some tables from the landlord so we don't need those things. Do you think you can buy a tension rod in Korea to put up a shower curtain, or do you think I need to bring that from home?? I know Korea is not big on shower curtains...


  1. 축하해요. 빨리 오세요.

  2. OOO I have a desk and a little kitchen rack table thing to get rid of. You can have both for free!! the desk has a pull out thing for a keyboard but no drawers...just plane and simple.

  3. If you bring a shower curtain you are going to need the poll to put it on...just a hint. You might find it out here...somewhere

  4. Went to Homeplus today and saw lots of shower curtains and ;)

  5. Awsome! If I can figure out a way to pick them up from your area I will definetly let you know! :-D and thanks for the advice about the shower curtains... i thought Id have to bring all that stuff from home! do you remember if they had tension rods? the ones you cen just expand, no tools required to install??? I wonder if i should just bring it from home anyway.... hmmm

  6. Yes there were tension rods and rings...etc. You can find it all here don't worry. I saw it with my own eyes! haha

    Don't forget gmarket.

    YEs I am saving my extra furniture for you. But it is in the broken down stage so has to be put together again. (Easier to transport). The thing for the kitchen is just a metal rod shelving unit. Good to put a microwave or toaster on along with some food stuffs.

  7. Well, I just found out that some of the stuff we're buying from the landlord includes a desk... but if it's no good, or I need another desk (two people here) then I'll def let you know! :-D Thanks so much!