Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trip to New York City

The nice thing about living in Boston, besides the fact that it's a great city unto itself, is the fact that NYC is close and easily accessible, even without a car. Yesterday my friend and I took a day trip to The City. From Boston, we took the 8am Fung Wah Bus from South Station in Boston, which is only $15.00 each way for the 4 hour bus ride. Granted they don't have the best safety record, but I've had good luck with them. Fung Wah drops you right off in Chinatown and from there we walked through the blistering cold wind (actual temperatures hovered in the single digit Fahrenheit all day, not including the wind chill) to a restaurant in the East Village called Ippudo, part of a Japanese based chain of Ramen restaurants that "transformed" ramen. The restaurant is wildly popular, so much that we had to wait an hour for a table at 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon.

From there we went over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'd never been, so I figured we had to go. I still haven't been to central park though, but it was so cold we weren't keen on walking around any more than we had to.

After two hours in the museum, we headed over to Korea town, and though still not hungry from lunch, got frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, and found a place that was just like the chillest HOF you've ever seen. I felt like I was in Korea because there were probably only two westerners in the whole place and everyone was drinking soju and eating real Korean food, not the westernized stuff.

After that we headed back to catch the 9:00 bus, but didn't quite make it so we had to wait for the 10:00 bus. We got into Boston at 2:00am and thats why today I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed soon and I'll make some more detailed posts about Ippudo, the Met, and Koreatown later. Lots of photos to come, so stay tuned.

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