Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eating Korean in the US

My Korean-American friend took me to one of the more authentic Korean restaurants around on Sunday so I could get my Korean food fix. The restaurant is called Garden House in Laurence She really seemed to enjoy the the Korean Chinese food like Tangsuyuk and some other spicy ginger chicken thing, but I got a very nice bibimbap, though it was called kopdol bibimbap, rather than dolsot bibimbap, like I'm accustomed to in Korea. I guess it's just the kind of stone bowl they use... it did look a bit different to me. The panchan (side dishes) they brought out were just like being in Korea... and I gobbled up all the odeng I could, knowing it would be a while before I saw that again...

The only thing I couldn't get over was the price of food here! See for yourself the prices!
More than double the price as Seoul. Oh, and get this. One bottle of soju is 12.95!!! It's 1,500 won at Family Mart! Not to mention that you have to tip here in this country..

Anyway, it's good, authentic Korean food, so if you've got a hankering, business has been slow lately due to the opening of the H-Mart (Korean grocery store) rather far away from here, so they'd certainly appreciate your business. Here's their address-

Garden House Restaurant
108 Winthrop Avenue
Lawrence, MA 01843-2819
(978) 691-5448

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