Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The face of a haggard, overworked me.

I've almost secured myself a job back in Korea.. I don't want to jinx it, like I have every other job that looked promising, so I'll let you know when the contract is signed. That would start January 25th or 26th for training. I'm ready to come back already.

Since I've been back, I have already started working at Macy's for the Christmas season. I was in San Francisco for 4 days, I came home for Thanksgiving, and I started working at Macy's on Black Friday at 5am. Now every day I go to work at 6am and work until 10am. Then I need to take the subway home, which is somewhere between an hour to two hours commute by public transportation (15 mins by car). Today it was over two hours because of a broken down train somewhere on the track... which left me sitting out in the freezing cold and wouldn't it be the day I forgot my hat and mittens (which my friends make fun of me for wearing even when it's in the 50's outside).

Then I usually get home somewhere around 12:30 or 1:00 where I have a few hours of consciousness before I fall asleep for 1-4 hours... wherein I wake up around 9 or 10pm when Korea starts to wake up. I talk to the boyfriend, check my emails incessantly, waiting for news from jobs, and talk to friends in Korea. Then go to bed between 11 and 1am. If I go out with my friends, I seem to fall asleep whenever I get in a car. I think it's starting to bother them.... maybe they think they are boring me, but I'm really just exhausted...

In my haste to get back to Korea and out of this working/transportation hell, I was looking at a winter camp from the end of December until mid January. When I told this to my mom, she looked at me and said... but... why can't you just take a vacation? I mean, she's right. If I did a winter camp I'd be taking maybe a 2 or 3 day vacation from the end of my job at Macy's, flying over to Korea and working my butt off for 3 weeks at this camp, then getting about a week to move into my new apartment before the start of my new job.

Why can't I just take a break? Most people I know have no problem bumming around the house for months at a time before they start to get depressed. But me, no. I refuse. I must constantly be working. It's good money-wise, but my body might need a rest sometimes... So... I don't expect I'll take this winter camp job... they never emailed me back anyway... and I might even go to Florida for a few days in January to visit family I've never met before, then hopefully get on a plane as soon as I can and come to Korea.

In other news, my boyfriend thinks he has found the apartment for us. It's not far from our old apartment, though considerably further from the subway. It will be nice to be back in the Sindang area... It's not a new and modern area, but I love it nonetheless. AND I'll be a 2 minute walk from the Chonggyechong :-). He'll sign the contract soon for early January, and may or may not move in before me. I hope he does, because he's commuting almost an hour to work nowadays...


  1. and from new apartment,
    to sindang station : 14 mins
    to E-Mart : 3 mins
    to Cheong Gye Cheon : 3~4 mins
    to local market : 10 mins
    to Sin Seol Dong station : 15 mins
    to Dong Myo station : 16 mins

    sounds great~~

  2. 그런데, 사진이 너무 무서워요.

  3. you're not bothering/boring me... when you fall asleep in the car I can sing loudly and stumble over words :-)