Friday, December 4, 2009

Job Hunt Update

Well, after many attempts (and I mean many) I have finally gotten two interviews. One with Readingtown in Hongdae and one at SLP in Songpa. I already have the contract from Readingtown, and I'm waiting on the one from the SLP. I've heard good things about the Readingtown, but after reviewing the contract I'm feeling a bit sketched out... Here's why:
  • 1 day paid sick leave/year

  • one day orientation

  • vacations in 3 day spurts throughout the year

  • withholding first 10 days pay and not giving it back until the end of the contract

  • not giving cash for airfare if you stay in the country after your contract completion

  • and no sneakers at work...

  • I think there were some others, but these were what stuck out in my mind...

I've been talking to a friend of a friend at the Songpa SLP, but as I haven't seen the contract, it's hard to decide. Readingtown was sounding good too until I saw these little details too.... Let's see how it goes... I hope to see that contract soon...


  1. One sick day? Is that even legal?

  2. I might have a job offer for you. It's in the city of hannam, which is connected to seoul on the east side. email me