Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm finding more and more that the best way to get a job in this city (or anywhere in the world, I'm sure) is if you have some connections. I had a better chance at my job because I had a friend of a friend working at my school. That friend of a friend, whom I am replacing, just got a sweet job (which I also applied for and didn't get) at Yonsei University Foreign Language Institute which offers free Korean language studies at the school plus a 3-8pm working schedule. They got that job because they had a friend who pulled some strings for them. Today I send a friend a recommendation to apply for a job at my friend's school because he's in the market for a new job too. Providing that job is still open, my friend should be able to get him a job.

The great thing about being here for so long is you start to get connections with so many people. Old co-workers who move on to bigger, better schools. People you meet around who work at other schools. All of a sudden you find yourself hearing about job openings left and right. For me, it never seems to work out that it's when I need a job, but nevertheless, it helps you find jobs for others.

Don't forget to use all the connections you have when trying to find a job, whether it be here or at home. Unfortunately, in this economy, it tends to be one of the most important factors in finding a job...

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