Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bedroom Renovations: Part 1

My mom has decided to make my room into a TV room after I leave to go back to Korea, so we're in the process of renovating. I don't really mind so much that she's "converting" my room, she's leaving the bed and is going to use it like a couch. Or maybe really a bed. All she really is going to do is put a TV on my dresser. At least my room will not be dead space anymore, since I'm home so rarely now.

So, my room hadn't been wallpapered since just before I was born. There was nothing wrong with the wallpaper, per se, but it was just looking a little bit tired... maybe we were all sick of that same flower pattern for almost 25 years. So, last week, my mom and I went down to the paint and wallpaper store and spent 1/2 an hour going through books before we settled on our wallpaper. I really wanted something purple or pink, since my room is always some shade of blue... but in the end, we stuck with the blue... nothing else seemed fitting. We weren't 100% sure of this wallpaper when we picked it out, but it was the best one we could find... that we could afford that is, so we got it.

Sizing the walls
Friday we sized the walls. That doesn't mean measure. Size is sort of like a paste that you put on the walls before you wallpaper. I'd never heard of such a thing. We probably didn't need it anyway, it's usually used for painted walls and our walls aren't painted, but we want this paper to stick!

Saturday morning, pretty early, we started to work. The first two sheets gave us a lot of trouble, but after that we started to go faster. Of course, my mom and I are the sort of people that loose focus easily, and so we really took about a 20 minute break after each sheet for the first few sheets...

By the end of the day, wallpapering all day (but not continuously) We only had half the room done. Actually less than half the room done... We thought we could get almost everything done in one day. So, today is day 2. I'll have more pictures. Maybe we can finish today, but food shopping and laundry needs to be done today (we go to a laundromat), so I'm thinking this might even go on for a third day... Lets hope we get almost everything done today...

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