Thursday, December 24, 2009

Into Boston

Monday after work I went in town to get the apostille for my criminal background check. Let me tell you it is 3x more expencive than in Vermont, so I'm glad I only needed one document apostilled. Anyway, here are some photos from my journey" (it's actually less than 1o miles from my house) for you to enjoy.

State House. It was near here, around the corner and down the street where I got my apostille for my CBC.

Snow in Boston Common, right accross the street from the State House. It's a big park which is full of people in the summer. Now in the winter, folks don't spend too much time here, but someone trapesed through the snow. Not me. And if you're interested, the storm Saturday night/Sunday morning dumped 1 foot around here. But it's the light fluffy stuff, not the heavy wet stuff we usually get.

A cute couple walking through the Common.

A view of Downtown Crossing, one of the big shopping areas downtown. Macy's is to the right here. Filene's Used to be to the left, but they merged with Macy's so they are tearing down the building to make way for... something else, who knows what.

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