Thursday, December 17, 2009

"What If" North Korea attacked...

I keep the news reel on the side of my blog to keep myself and others informed of events in the world news about Korea. Today this article from CBS showed up and I had to check it out. It described "what if" North Korea attacked. They presented it in such a manner that it would make the reader believe that if these present talks fail that war is almost imminent.

Is there something that I missed? Talks with North Korea have been failing for decades, but they haven't attacked yet. I'm not saying they will never attack (sometimes I get scared during thunder storms because I think they are bombs). But are the chances so high that we have to start discussing these points and making me scared again?

Whenever there is tension with North Korea I get a little nervous. I know the Koreans don't even bat an eyelid, but the thought of war, and accidentally getting caught in a war makes me really scared.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I saw that article also and immediately had a 'wtf' reaction. From afar, it's really easy to see the fear-mongering of the American media. I mean, it's comical and I think if I were back home and reading it without having an idea of how it actually feels over here, I would definitely start wondering when North Korea will attack, not just IF NK attacks.