Saturday, September 4, 2010

YouTube and Twitter

Now that I have my new (to me, got it used) iPod Touch, I'm starting to join the ranks of those highly connected people in the world. I don't really like technology following me everywhere I go, but, here I am, with a twitter account now. I've found that most places I go, contrary to what people say, don't have WiFi, but that's probably better anyhow because I don't want to be checking facebook and my email every 30 seconds like I do when I'm in front of a computer. But, anyway, I'll try to keep it updated with events and recommendations along with other thoughts about what I see around Korea. If you want to follow me, my address is @smileyjkl.

I've added a twitter feed near the bottom of the column on the right hand side, so you can read my updates without actually joining twitter as well.

While I was updating the twitter feed, I found a YouTube add-on too, so you'll find that all the way on the bottom. If you're interested, check out my youtube page too, the name is smileyjkl as well.

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