Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Korean Traditional Wedding

While at Namsan Hanok Village on Saturday, we stumbled across a wedding. It was a real wedding being performed in the traditional Korean style. This is something almost impossible to see nowadays and we had to stop and watch. Although, perhaps the most interesting part of this wedding was the fact that it was a wedding between a Korean woman and a British man. I feel a little awkward putting up pictures from a wedding of a person that I've never met before. So, if anyone knows this guy, please forward him this post so he can check it out and approve (or disapprove). I'd also be happy to send him some photos I took during the service as well.

When the bride entered, she kept her face covered at all times with this veil. Not seen in this photo were the two attendants that are standard at all Korean weddings, modern or traditional, that constantly attend to the bride and adjust everything possible.

The bride and groom sat, as did all the attendants. They had to eat something and drink some alcohol. As you can see, before they complete the service, they sit opposite one another.

After the service was complete they bowed for the guests and everyone clapped for the newly married couple.

Next a singer and a drum player performed a song. She stopped the song half way saying... let's make this song a little more interesting... Whenever I say "사랑", or love, you shout "만세!" as loud as you can to prove your love for your wife. The poor guy was a little confused and looked extremely embarrassed, but it was a good time and everyone had a good time watching this guy shouting Mansei!! for his wife.

Finally, the mother and aunt of the groom gave a speech in English, and the father of the bride gave a quick speech in Korean. The groom, impressively gave a short speech in Korean as well. He looked pretty nervous, but he did much better than I could have done, speaking formal Korean on your wedding day in front of over a hundred people.

Anyway, as I said, if anyone happens to know this guy, be sure to send him a link and show him this post. It's not every day that you can sit up and close at a stranger's wedding and have reason to blog about it...

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