Thursday, January 7, 2010

So soon..

I just realized that if all goes according to plan, I could be back in Seoul in a week an a half. Of course, with this big snow storm in Seoul, who knows if anyone is in the immigration office clearing my paperwork. The earliest my visa processing number could have shown up would have been today, but I kind of knew between New Year's and the snow storm that that was quite unlikely. Now everyday I'll just have to hope and wish and pray that that number will show up in my inbox. And then, when that number does decide to show up, that there are still flights left as now I'm at the less than 10 days before the flight mark.

I've packed a box of summer clothes to ship by boat, as I've decided to carry light suitcases this time instead of pushing the 50lbs limit every time. I am a light packer really, and I might find that I have extra room in my suitcase, but that's ok. This time I'm bringing two pairs of boots with me and a big new ski jacket, so that will probably occupy the space that the summer clothes would have taken up.

I haven't even pulled my other suit cases back out yet... they are sitting in the attic, out of the way. Of course, it's hard to pack winter clothes, as I'm wearing them. I made a packing list last night (mostly out of boredom) but I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I'm trying to bring two weeks of summer clothes and two weeks of winter clothes, just like I did last time. I also have a few random articles of clothing that I left with the boyfriend that wouldn't fit in the suitcase... now that I'm thinking of it... it was more than a few random articles, I think it was a whole duffel bag... don't worry, a small duffel bag, but still.

Technically, Wednesday was the day I could have moved into my apartment in Seoul. The boyfriend walked in to check it out. He says it's a little dirty... we're going to have to do some cleaning seeing as how we have a cheap landlord who won't bring in a cleaner to clean it for us. He is, fortunately, redoing the floors and wallpaper in the biggest room for us.

We paid the girl moving out for a bunch of her things. It sounds like we have nearly everything we need minus a bed, dresser and maybe a sofa. A friend offered to give us her yo (floor mat) until we were able to find a bed. So, really, we might not need to buy much more. Of course, I haven't even seen this place except for photos, so when I see the situation on the ground, I might have a very different opinion. I'm excited to see it, I just hope it's everything the boyfriend makes it out to be. Sometimes men have very different standards than women...

List of things we got from the girl moving out:
  • Desk
  • Tables
  • Chairs (how many? I don't know)
  • Clothes Hanging rack
  • Dishes
  • Pots and Pans (?)
  • Gas range
  • Full size fridge
  • TV
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes drying rack

Anyway, I'll keep you all updated with apartment details once I arrive. Also I'm sure I'll be blogging again when I buy my plane ticket!!!


  1. well, let me see when I get there. There are two of us, so I might if there's not another table we can't use as a desk. But, if you have someone else interested, don't feel like you need to save them... I can let you know for sure in two weeks or so...

  2. No one else interested. Just me interested in not having them lie around my house any longer. Remember one is a kitchen rack that can be used to put a toaster on and a big bag of rice and stuff like that.

  3. hmm... that might be useful too... depending on space... of course, the other problem is transportation of course... I'll keep thinking about this..... don't worry, I haven't forgotten your offer... I kept thinking about that desk actually, but the rack might be nice too...

  4. My problem is that I want everything (especially if it doesn't cost money) but I have no idea how much space I'm working with...