Monday, September 27, 2010

Me all over the web...

This is a very web heavy Jo-Anna week. While walking around Myongdong last weekend I bumped into Steve the QiRanger. I'll admit I'd never watched this guy's Youtube channel before, but I guess he's pretty big in the Korean expat world. He was walking around asking people's opinions about the close proximity of North Korea and how safe we feel here in the ROK. I think I answered well, but clearly I'm not good at the whole looking-at-the-camera thing... I think I have eye-contact issues because people say I look up a lot. Anyway, check out the video, you can see my friend Cassie too. She looks a lot cooler looking right at the camera.

Then I saw on Chris in South Korea's twitter that he was looking for guest bloggers so I figured I'd send over an article I had written that never got published where it was meant to be published. So, today I appear over there with an article about the cuisine of Jeonju much more articulately written than my original post.

Also, I'm sure many of my readers were away for Chuseok, so make sure you go back and read the last week or so archive. I wrote a lot of articles last weekend and set them to post throughout the week though I celebrated Chuseok at halmoni's house and then headed to Jejudo. And be sure to take the new sign quiz!


  1. You did a great job! I have problems too when being interviewed. I'm so used to talking TO the camera, it's hard for me to not look directly into it! Thanks again for participating in the project.

  2. Hi, just visiting. You have one nice and interesting site here. cheers and more power always!