Monday, September 20, 2010

Nori's First Night, Dakhanmari 닭한마리 and Cheon-eo sashimi 전어회

A friend of mine from college came and visited Korea from Japan on Thursday. He stayed at my house and we tried our best to take him around and make sure he ate lots of good Korean food before he had to leave on Sunday. Our first night we made our first stop at one of my favorites... 닭한마리 (One Chicken Soup) I've written in length about 닭한마리 here, so I'll let you read that rather than doing it again.

I was quite full, but it was still very early (I got out of work early to meet him) so we decided to pick up some Cheon-eo sashimi 전어회 to go and ate it in front of our favorite convenience store with a lovely deck and tables outside.

Here are the 전어 swimming (mostly), not realizing their soon-to-be-fate.

Nori outside the seafood place.

전어 with all the accompaniments

A close up of the 전어회

How did it taste? Not bad, but something I'll never get used to about Korean style sashimi is the fact that there's still bones in it. Sure, they're small, but I don't like that spiky, hard crunch while eating raw fish. I much prefer the Japanese style that is always guaranteed to be bone free.

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