Thursday, September 2, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu

The winds I heard whipping in the night didn't seem so bad until I woke up and made my way to work. While I slept, I heard some wind, but I thought it was just the beginning of the storm. I took my giant umbrella to work expecting to fight hurricane strength winds on my way home. As it turns out, the whole storm passed by early morning, but it did leave quite a wake behind it.

The first big piece of damage I saw was when I got out of Bangi station near my hagwon. Here, this tree was torn right out of the ground!

Here's a down power line I passed, one of several. Incidentally, my tv is more or less working, but the picture is much fuzzier than before... I think something got damaged in the storm..

But the thing I noticed everywhere was just lots and lots of leaves and debris scattered all over the streets. By 1pm they had been swept up into neat little piles like this by someone...

My coworkers didn't have such peaceful nights as I did. One of my coworkers lives in a rooftop a apartment and he told us that part of his neighbors roof actually came off and struck his apartment. He said it sounded as if someone had dropped a desk from the third story to the ground right in front of him.

I guess lots of windows were broken all around the city from flying debris like that. Schools were delayed until 11 o'clock and I heard that there were delays on some subway lines, though mine didn't seem to be affected at all. More or less it was buisness as usual for the rest of the day for most folks.


  1. Here in Gangseo-gu, it wasn't very exciting; I did wake up a half-hour early because of the sound of whipping winds. Damage seemed nearly non-existent around here, the only thing I saw was the outside cooler of my chicken hof got knocked over, and all the mugs got smashed.

  2. I guess it wasn't too exciting near my house too, since I slept through it...