Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sign Challenge

For all of you who found my first quiz to be too easy, here is round two, the challenge! While in the first round I tried to find things that were common and useful in everyday life, round two is for those who are veterans and have needed more than your everyday basics on this peninsula. There's a few easy ones mixed in just to help out the strugglers a little. Here we go!

1) 치과

2) 피부과

3) 한의원

4) 산부인과

5) 내과

6) 서점

7) 당구장

8) 고시원

9) 편의점

10) 여관

Answers can be found in the comment section. Please post your score!


  1. 1) 치과: Dentist
    2) 피부과: Dermatologist/ Skin care center
    3) 한의원: Korean traditional medicine doctor
    4) 산부인과: Gynecologist
    5) 내과: General doctor/ internal medicine
    6) 서점: Book Store
    7) 당구장: Billards hall
    8) 고시원: Budget housing for those who can't afford key money. Usually a closet sized room, shared kitchen/bathroom.
    9) 편의점: Convenience store
    10) 여관: Budget hotel/motel