Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy week

This week is a busy one at our home. My friend from Japan had planned to come and stay at our house while he's in Korea for 4 days. Then on Saturday I received a CouchSurfing request from a French couple who are doing some world travel. Of course we couldn't have guests overlapping, so I told them they could stay until the day my friend arrives. So, the couchsurfers arrived Monday night and they will go to my friend's home on Thursday morning. Then Thursday evening I'll meet my friend and bring him home until Sunday afternoon.

The one good thing about all these guests is that it makes us be much cleaner people! We scoured our house top to bottom before they arrived, and now that they are here, we wash our dishes after meals and pick up trash and laundry around the house rather than leaving it til later. If only we could be like this when we don't have guests!

ps. if you're wondering what CouchSurfing is, it's only the coolest idea ever. Check it out now!

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