Thursday, September 9, 2010


Lately I've felt a little uninspired to write in the past few weeks, not sure why. I guess it's just the lack of "new things" going on. I almost didn't write about the soccer game... I mean, I've been 4 or 5 times now... it's not quite as interesting as it was the first time...

I keep reminding myself that there are exciting things coming up soon to keep myself from getting feeling sad about the ordinary-ness of my life lately.

Next week: Friend coming from Japan to visit. Hopefully we should do some cool sightseeing and food eating while he's in town

Chuseok: For Chuseok I'll be going to grandmother's house (as usual) but this time to celebrate Chuseok. I'll try to snap some inconspicuous photos of anything interesting that happens. Then once the ceremonies are finished, we'll rush to Gimpo, hop on a plane and head to Jejudo, Korea's honeymoon island. It's one of three famous places in Korea that I've been meaning to go to and still haven't made it (the other two are Soraksan and Busan).

I think I'll have to get out of Seoul in October too and do something interesting... all the rain this summer has made life pretty boring. Let's hope it ends soon!

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