Friday, September 24, 2010

Chuseok gifts and hanboks...

Here is what my boyfriend received from his company as a Chuseok gift. Yes, that is 18 cans of tuna. It is 100x better than his Seollal gift though. While I'll never understand giving tuna or spam as a holiday gift, at least tuna is something I do eat on a fairly regular basis. It will take a few months, but this will get eaten.

Monday (our only day of work this week) was Chuseok day for preschool. I was given the lucky task of asking these 7 year olds to write a report about their day. While they have been at our school for over a year, their English skills (and especially writing skills) are far below their peers who have been studying for 6 months longer than them. Not sure why that is, but I got some pretty unhappy faces when I told them we were writing today. Usually, I'm the art teacher!

They all came in with their hanboks, but by the last class when I was teaching them, all the girls had taken off their hanboks and were back to their uniforms. So, I just took photos of the boys.

They're so cute in their hanboks! Its so deceiving to their actual personalities....

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  1. i got spam as a chuseok gift once. it resulted in me realizing that i kind of like spam.