Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Soccer

Saturday I went to another FC Seoul game, my third this summer. I didn't sit with the crazy fans this time, but instead I sat above them where we had lots of room to spread out in the row in front of us and the row behind us too.

Just to illustrate again the relaxed nature of sporting events in Korea, we strolled in with three boxes of pizza, a shopping bag full of snacks and big bottles of beer in our hands and they just smiled and welcomed us as they checked our tickets.

Since I never wrote about the match I saw in July, I'll post some photos from that game too.
FC Seoul's Mascot (taken in July)

I couldn't get a clear photo of this, but the guy in the grey and white suit is Lee Cheong Yong, who plays for Bolton and is on the Korean national team. He kicked soccer balls into the crowd at the game in July (just after the world cup). He is also, incidentally, my friend's cousin's boyfriend. Korea is a small enough place that it's easy enough to have strange connections to famous people.

Someone in our group bought a vuvuzela, and we took turns blowing it. You know, they are really loud and obnoxious....
We weren't the only one with a vuvuzela either...

This time, Seoul championed over Gwangju with a 2-0 win. When a goal was scored, fireworks were released and people went nuts.

This coming Saturday is "foreigners day" at World Cup Stadium. With the purchase of a special 10,000 won ticket, you can get a free beer and a free hot dog. It's not bad, probably saving you at least 6,000 won. Koreans can also get in on this deal too, it's not only for foreigners, despite the name...


  1. Hey, a slight correction about Foreigners' Day. The ticket for 10,000 is in section E, which is usually 12,000 W, so add in a beer and a dog (hopefully the New York Coffee and Hot Dog franchise) and you're saving 7 or 8 bucks!

  2. ohhhh... I didn't know it was in section E.... where is that??

  3. Section E is the East side, opposite the team benches. If you arrive early you can get great seats nearly at field level. I usually opt to sit at the GS25 by Exit 2 and quaff a few waiting for the cadre to arrive.

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