Friday, November 6, 2009

Tsukiji Fish Market

*Warning: this post is not for people with weak constitutions...

Our first stop in Tokyo was the Tsukiji Fish Market since we got in so early in the morning. It took us a while to get ourselves orientated with the subway and find our way there, but after getting some help from the woman working at the train station at the airport, we made our way there with no problem. We arrived around 7:00 am. The first thing we encountered were all the little restaurants. The price seemed really steep, even for Japan. 3,000 yen for one plate of sushi? No way were we going to pay that. We wandered around and accidentally wandered out of the market on the other side, but serendipitously, we found a very nice, uncrowded (unlike the restaurants in the market) sushi restaurant. We were able to walk in with no line and get served immediately. We ordered one breakfast set for about 1,600 yen plus we got some extra hand rolls for about 300 yen each or so. It might have been a little pricey, but considerably better than the prices inside the market.

After breakfast we made our way into the real market. I guess it wasn't tooo different from a Korean market, but it was huge and went on forever, besides, I just never get sick of seeing weird things in markets...


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