Thursday, November 12, 2009

As usual, tensions with North Korea aren't even conversation worthy...

By now, most people must know that on Tuesday (11/10/09) there was a naval skirmish between the North and South along the disputed border region off the west coast of Korea. No one is talking about it. No one cares. I jumped in surprise as I read it that evening and said to my boyfriend, didn't you hear? There was a skirmish today between North and South. "Yea, I heard. So what?" was the only reply. "It's happened before". Ok, but it's been 7 years. Shouldn't this be at least conversation worthy? Nope. I mentioned this on a Facebook thread, and another Korean friend chimed in "Yea, so?". It's amazing how little the Koreans care about this topic. But, I am much less nervous about it than I would have been a year ago. Maybe few more years in this country, and I'll say "Yea, so?" too.

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