Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swine Flu... for real

I'm way behind on posts this week, I applogize. There's about 10 posts in my head but every night I seem to have something going on and they never get written. I don't know how it's Thursday night already. I left for Tokyo a week from yesterday, and I've been back since Monday morning and there's not a single post. And my apartment is a wreck. And I've been worrying about securing this job for March. And I've been looking for hotels in San Fransisco for my way home. And I've been looking at flights for Ecuador for my "vacation". I guess I'm pretty busy.

Anyway, since the week before Halloween, swine flu has been hitting Seoul hard. For our halloween party for the Tuesday/Thursday students on Oct. 29th only 16 of our 32 students came to class. That's half the school missing. All this week I've had 1-4 students missing in nearly every class, and students leaving school half way through class feeling ill.

We were told that the school would close if we had anyone with swine flu, but now we've even had one teacher who had swine flu (looks like she got it from her boyfriend, not her students) and we still haven't closed. Good thing too, because we wouldn't get paid if the school did close for a few days or weeks.

Kids are wearing masks all over, although I must say that the mask wearers were out in full force in Japan, even more so than here in Seoul. I was surprised to see that one. Here I mostly only see kids wearing the masks. In Japan, it was mostly the adults.

Anyway, I'm hoping that I don't get swine flu... or if I do get swine flu, that I get it while in Korea, since I'll have no health insurace when I go home :-[ .

People seem to be recovering pretty fast nowadays, especially if they get the Tamiflu right away. My co-worker didn't seem to have much of a problem, just missed two days of work and her weekend.

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  1. Yeah, you often see adults wearing masks to work or generally when leaving the house in Japan if they have a cold or other virus. And I guess cold season has started, anyway.

    Half the school, yikes! Stay healthy! It's a shame you even have to think about things like coming home to no health insurance. :/