Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

The official day of the start of the Christmas shopping season. Where was I at the crack of dawn (actually considerably before dawn)? Not in line at a store, that's for sure. I was standing in the Northface department of Macy's, greeting customers, straightening racks, finding sizes, promoting our sale, and generally trying to sell the only money-maker in the Children's department in Macy's. Yup, meet Macy's newest Northface Specialist. Funny how exactly one week ago I was a teacher... oh how the mighty have fallen... well, I guess a hagwon isn't that far up the totem pole. 5am-2pm I worked hard to make sure that everyone will have a Northface jacket on Christmas morning.

Now, why any fool would get to Macy's at 5am on Black Friday if they weren't being paid to do it is beyond me. But then again, I hate Christmas shopping and I tend to avoid it whenever possible. I'm just about done with my shopping. I did it all in Korea before I left. Though getting a nice jacket wouln't be so bad...

Why am I ruining my vacation with this torture? Because last time I was home and not working for an extended period of time I gained about 5 pounds and did nothing with my life. This will just make the crap hagwon that I will wind up working for seem so much better when I make it back to Korea... I don't actually need the money either.... which makes it bite even more... Oh well.. I guess I'm just a workaholic.

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