Sunday, November 22, 2009

It never rains, but pours...

Yesterday (or today, however you feel like counting it since I flew back in time) was time for me to catch my flight to San Francisco, my extended lay-over before I go home to Boston. We had the boyfriend's car nearly completely packed to go to the airport and we were running a few minutes late getting the last things ready when my boyfriend received a phone call that his car was being towed away. He ran downstairs to catch them before they left, but no luck, he missed it and the car was towed, with all my luggage inside. We grabbed all the stuff we could and ran out the door to get on the subway to Chungjongno where the car was being brought. Fortunately the car arrived several minutes before we did. We jumped into the car and went towards the airport.

While making our way to the airport, we were suddenly pulled over by the police. We were in a part of town we're never in and evidently he made an illegal left turn and walked right into a police trap. I guess the look of real confusion on my boyfriend's face made the officer let him go with a warning. Then we sped off to the airport. We got there at 4:00 for my 5:40 flight. He dropped me off at the departure drop-off area and went off to park the car. In my haste to get out of the car and into the airport, I left my laptop bag in the car. I was hoping my boyfriend would see it, but he rushed so quickly back to meet me he missed it too. We then had to walk back together to the parking lot and get it.

Finally I got back, and went through security, got on the plane with no problems. In fact, I found out that in my section of seats, there were two other empty seats so I could spread out. Then of course a woman took one of the seats, but I still had plenty of room to lay down. I flew Singapore Airlines, and basically decided that I was never going to fly any other airline again. They came by 3 times before dinner was served to give free wine, etc. After the first three glasses of wine, I thought it would be enough to knock me out and I stopped drinking (maybe my first mistake). anyway, after a great dinner of bulgogi and ice cream for dessert, I tried to go to sleep. As usual, no luck (it was still early my time). I always have a terrible time sleeping on planes.

The flight was going well despite this, and I tried to pass the time by watching the amazing selection of TV shows and movies on my own personal TV screen when all of a sudden the captain said that we were going into some turbulent weather and we needed to put on our seat belts. Then before I new it we were being jostled around like I've never been on a plane. I've felt bad turbulence, but usually for only a few minutes. This went on for at least an hour, maybe more because it would seem to pass, then come back as strong before.

If you know me, I get a little nervous on planes, usually on take off and landing... I have this fear of falling, and when the plane is flying smoothly, I never feel like I'm going to fall. But once anything that doesn't feel normal (like say turning and taking off and landing) I get a little anxious. I've basically decided that I'll probably die in a plane crash some day, due to my frequent habit of traveling and flying. Therefore every time I get in an airplane, I'm sure it's my last day to live.

Finally, after at least an hour of me hugging my pillow and/or gripping the arm rests (and even a small scream at one point) we made it out and I looked out the window to see sun and a blue sky and blue sea. We landed without problem in San Francisco and I got off the plane as fast as I could. Leaving my jacket on the plane. While I was waiting for them to return my jacket, I also realized that I lost my hat, and I was almost certain I'd lost it in Incheon, because it had fallen out of my pocket once while at the airport, and I didn't remember seeing it after I went through security. -_-. Anyway, I got my jacket back and had no problem meeting my friend. We got to our hotel without problem and the rest is for later.

Anyway, fear not, my loyal readers, I'm applying to more jobs in Seoul starting in January or February. I also have some posts planned about my neighborhood in Seoul and my last week in Seoul, so stay tuned. You can also expect some restaurant reviews and Boston photos as well.


  1. Hey there,

    Long time reader, first time poster here. Just wanted to say good luck with the job search for next year. I wonder what kind of reverse culture shock you may go through - I found things 'very different' when I went back home after being in Korea my first time. I look forward to reading your continuing adventures.

  2. Thanks! And thanks for posting, I love getting comments!

  3. ㅗㅓㅘㅣㅗㄹㅈ;대롲ㄷ did you lose your hat??? I cannot believe... hmherjwe@#@$#@$#@$#@$#@$olfdgnaf
    please be safe in USA!!!!!