Friday, November 27, 2009

A ride on the San Francisco Cable Car

On our last day we finally got a chance to ride on the famous San Francisco Cable Car. The price seemed steep, $5.00 per ride, but actually it was lots of fun, especially standing on the edge and holding onto the pole.

Speaking of holding on to the pole, here is my friend, blatantly breaking the posted rules of pole holding. Tisk, tisk.. ^^

As you can see here, the trolleys are so old that they have no reverse switch. They need to be pushed manually onto a turntable, and the driver has to actually spin the turntable by hand, as this man is doing here. The drivers were an eclectic bunch, our first driver was a very entertaining Western guy. Then coming back we had a Middle Eastern looking man with a turban, and the conductor was a Chinese man who spent his time after collecting the tickets standing in the back and chatting in Chinese with some of the other riders. That's just San Francisco, I guess you could call that reverse culture shock, that I'm so surprised to see so many different cultures here...

The rest of the photos are things I shot while the car was moving. They came out pretty good, none the less, I think.

A view of Coit Tower in the distance on Telegraph Hill. We never got up there, we were too sick and tired the whole time to think about climbing such a big hill.

A view of Alcatraz in the water below.

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