Monday, November 23, 2009

San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge

We joined a city tour that allows us access to their buses for the remainder of our trip. We got a tour around, and then we got on a bus that took us over the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, the bus driver tried to explain to us why it was called the "Golden Gate" bridge, since it's not very golden, but I didn't really understand the explanation (and it was in English! Go figure...). It seemed to have something to do with how it is painted every year, and is always under the process of being painted. By the time they finish painting the bridge, it's time to start again.

Though, actually... while it is a really nice bridge, I still don't get why it's so famous.... after all, it's still just a bridge...

But, it was really fun to drive over on the roof of the tour bus!

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