Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last night I walked down to Namaste by Dongmyo Station from work (about 45 minute walk... so I got my exercise in for the day) through the rain no less, to get dinner. I loveee Indian food in this city as I've said before. I got a mixed vegetable curry, basmati rice and nan. The walk down there was so nice, despite the rain, I realize that I need to walk so much more. I'm feeling a little chubby nowadays... if my jeans get much tighter I'm gonna have some problems... -_- But, of course, what am I doing now? Sitting in front of my computer like a lump as usual. According to my friend's scale, I haven't gained any weight (remarkably) which means that any muscle I once had must have turned to fat. ^^ I really should walk to my Korean class today. It would probably be a good 2 hour walk... but let's face it... I probably won't do that...

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