Monday, October 12, 2009

Bringing Salsa to the Asian Masses

Actually, salsa is rather popular here in Seoul among certain circles despite my post title. This past month my boyfriend and I have gone to Club Caliente in Itaewon twice now to dance a bit. Neither one of us are great, but we both have enough experience to have fun even though we can't do it well. Saturday night after going to the Herb Medicine Museum, getting some dinner and a few drinks with a friend from Japan and another Korean teacher from my Free Korean Class, we decided to go to Itaewon again and we invited them along. They were kind of excited about it, even though they had no idea what salsa was.

We got to Club Caliente and satisfied ourselves with getting a drink and watching some of the amazing dancers do their thing on the dance floor. Finally I did my best to try to teach the Korean teacher who came, while my boyfriend tried his best to teach the Japanese guy some moves. Since neither one of us is great, neither one of us was a great teacher, but we did our best. The Korean teacher got some more experience because guys kept asking her to dance. Too bad girls don't ask guys to dance, I feel bad that the Japanese guy only got to dance with me and my boyfriend.

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