Thursday, October 22, 2009

용문사 Yongmunsa

After visiting Halmoni's house we went over to 용문사 Yongmunsa (does this mean dragon gate temple? I'm just guessing here...) which was about half an hour from Yangsuri. There was a beautiful nature path to hike up to the temple, where we saw some of the fantastic fall foliage.

We finally got up to the temple, it was quite a hike (since I'm severely out of shape). This temple is famous for an ancient, giant ginko tree. This tree actually had a position in the government during the Joseon dynasty (?). It's believed to be over a 1,000 years old, and many of the lower branches are supported with tall sticks.

The rest of the temple was.... well, pretty similar to every other temple in Korea.... But they're still pretty....

Outside the temple, there was some other things to see and do. Here's the boyfriend making duk. I also tried eating the inside of the ginko fruit (yea those putrid smelling fruit that cover the sidewalks around this time of year). I guess they are supposed to be good for breathing. I didn't feel like I could breath any easier after eating them, though...

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