Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seoul on Google Maps

Today I'm going on a field trip with my Saturday free Korean class to a Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum in Jegi-dong. I know Jegi-dong is actually not far at all from my house, so I'm thinking about walking. Though I know it's close, and I know the general direction, I didn't know quite how to get there, since I've never walked in that direction before. I was going to google up a street map, but then I thought... what about google maps? Actually, I thought I had Google Earth on my computer, and I was going to look on there, but I guess I never downloaded it onto this computer, must have been just my old one. But, Google maps has all the same information so I checked there instead of downloading another program onto my computer that's getting overloaded with photos lately from the new camera. All I typed in to Google Maps was Jegi-dong Station, Seoul and I was given a beautiful map. If you zoom in, you can get a very detailed map, with labels on nearly every building, plus colorful labels on all the nearby GS25s, 7/11s, FamilyMarts, pharmacies, churches, universities, police stations etc. etc. Actually Jegi-dong is even closer than I thought, and should only be about a half an hour walk. I'll bring my camera and see if there's anything interesting out there to blog about on my little walk. I'm going down the cheonggyechong to another little stream and up to that area, so I'll avoid most of the crosswalks and such. It should be a quite pleasant walk on a crisp fall day such as today. Anyway, point is; next time you want to go somewhere, check out Google Maps for detailed directions.... Sorry, no English, the map is all labeled in Korean. Learn yourself some hangul.

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