Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How do you politely say "NO!"?

I was 20 minutes late for my Korean class on Monday. As I was riding up the elevator to the 6th floor to my Korean class the 40ish year old Korean woman in the elevator started talking to me.
"Oh, you're studying Korean, right?"
"Yes." I replied.
"I will help you. I want to learn English, so you can help me and I will help you. Give me your phone number" and she shoved her phone at me so I could type in my phone number.
"uh.... ok... " I replied, not knowing what to do. Frankly, I don't need a conversation partner with someone this pushy. I put in my phone number. The doors opened for her to get off at the 3rd floor, but she followed me up to the 6th.
"Let's meet on Saturday, at 7:30. I'll help you study."
"Uh.... I have Korean class then. " which isn't completely the truth, but it's not completely a lie either...
"Ok, I'll call you later. My name is ㅇ아ㅣㄹ." (actually I don't remember her name/ don't care) and she jumped back into the elevator and I went to my class that much later because of this annoyance.

Why does this woman feel as though she can so abruptly assume that I need a conversation partner? I have plenty of people that I can practice with and I don't need some stranger shoving a phone in my face to practice with. I guess I shouldn't complain. She was trying to be nice (/ get free English lessons with someone who can speak some Korean) but this is just so rude! If she calls, maybe I'll tell her that I work crazy hours and can't meet or something.... or that I'm leaving the country, since I am in a month anyway. ^^


  1. That's pretty damn pushy.

    One solution is to input your number with a couple of off digits. Another solution is to say, Sorry, not interested. I already have plenty of fake friends to do this with, and I don't need more. Or how about: Sure. You don't mind if we smoke pot and molest children while studying, do you?

  2. Now to learn how to say pot and molest in Korean....

  3. Just try to be honest next time. You don't know her or her circle of friends so you can get into trouble.

    When you first say "I'm sorry I am too busy." They will try to wrangle you more. Be stern and keep declining.

    Or put in your number but never respond to strange calls. Their adults they can take it... and should.

  4. I mean you "Can't" get into trouble.