Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Sunday we decided to check out Seoul Forest (서울숲 - pronounciation is complicated, but Seoul Su should work in most cases if you don't feel like getting a lecture about Korean rules of prnounciation) We walked there from our area in Sindang and it took about a little less than an hour. Actually, it wasn't a very interesting park compared to some other parks like Olympic Park or Children's Grand Park. It was a bit smaller than these and quite a bit less to see. The did have some interesting things to see though...

Horseback Riding. Folks riding seemed to be quite experienced. A friend of mine did a little research on it because she was a big rider back at home. I guess it's around 45,000 for 45 minutes. Seems a bit steep, but not really since we're in the middle of one of the most densly populated metropolises in the world.

Here's a typical water fountain around here. In the summer these kinds of fountains are full of kids. Nowadays it's getting cold, so the kids just watch.

I've learned better than to have high expectations for animals in captivity in this country. Zoos are always dissapointing. These deers were pretty cool to see, but we were hoping they would rome free in thier own section of the park, not be locked in.

This was a cool part of the playground. It was a wire sculpture of a human that kids could climb through.

Seoul Forest is near Ttukseom on line 1. Since I walked I can't help you with exit numbers, but there's probably a sign in the subway station. It was a nice walk, but I wouldn't go far out of my way to see it.

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