Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Up a level...

So my class at Metro Korean Academy was canceled because there was only me in there, and not enough classroom space, so they told me I could move up to the third level (the officially "intermediate" level). I wasn't sure if I could handle this. Though I understand a lot, I still speak like a 2-year old sometimes and I wasn't sure if I could compete with my classmates (all two of them). Lately I've been feeling a little down because everyone that transfers into my class, even in the lower levels, speaks better than me. I told them that if level three was too hard, that I would move down and redo a class I've done.

Well, I went to class, and I was understanding everything, so I was too lazy to move down to a different class (though it would have saved me 33,000 won because I already have a the book). I probably should have moved down a level, if for no other reason than just to practice the basic vocabulary and grammar again. I've been finding that the hardest part of Korean isn't the grammar, it's the vocabulary. I usually can't remember a word until I've heard it AND used it successfully in sentences without some sort of visual cue several times over. After that I rarely forget it, but there are so many words that I hear all the time, but can never remember because I never use them myself.

Anyway, I was super busy and super lazy the past two weeks and got no homework done (well, I did move to a new apartment, AND it was test week at SLP, so I have an excuse) so today, now that the test corrections are finally totally done, I studied for over an hour at work (that's a long time for me) Then for another hour at home, plus I had some "Korean only" talking time with my boyfriend (which doesn't happen often nowadays... god I'm getting lazy). Actually, I should be studying now, but, well, I'm lazy... or ADD... or something to that effect. My attention span only lasts so long...

Ok, I'm making a 약속 to study for 20 more minutes until 11. Then I'll go to bed I guess since I've got nothing better to do. Good night.

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