Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indian Food in Seoul

I have about 10 more posts I want to make about Hong Kong, but I couldn't miss this opportunity to blog about the Indian cuisine in Seoul.

Now, I have to say, non-Korean food in Korea is pretty bad. It's a good thing I love Korean food, so this is never much of a problem. Corn is standard on pizza, it's not considered a topping. Food with the word "cheese" in it usually means a slab of Kraft style processed cheese on top of your food (which unfortunately I've come to enjoy) and don't get me started on the restaurant called Han's Deli, which by the way, is in no way, shape or form, anything like a deli. Koreans cook Korean food very well, but they should stick to that.

But, when you can find a foreign food restaurant that is actually owned and run by someone other than a Korean, you actually have a chance of finding some decent food. There are at least two amazing (and I mean amazing) Indian/Nepali food restaurants in this city, and both are within a 30 min walk or less from my house. The first, where I usually frequent, is called Everest. The second, which I just discovered tonight and inspired me to write this blog, is called Namaste.

Everest is located a minute walk from Dongdaemun station on line 4 and 1. Go out exit 3 (I think) and go up the first alley on the left by the pharmacy (약국). Take the first right, and it's on the second floor of the building straight ahead. I highly recommend the mali kofta, but everything that I've tried is amazing. Click here for their website.

Namaste is located right outside Dongmyo station on line 6 and line 1. Go out exit 5 and it's on the second floor of the building immediately to the left. Everything we tried was great there, but after only being there once, I don't want to make any particular recommendations, but I will tell you that I tried the Dhaniya Adraki Chicken and I was impressed. This restaurant has a great atmosphere. I love the decor. Click here for their website. I guess they have a second, smaller location in Jogno by Bandi and Luni's, but the menu is slightly different. I can't rate the quality of that location, but I'm sure it's worth a try.


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  2. So first, I can't agree more about the criminal falsehood of calling Han's a "Deli"--pastrami wasn't even on the menu. The closest thing I've seen is Meili's in Itaewon, and it isn't very close.

    Korea's idea of curry is pretty bland, in my experience so far, but I'll give Namaster a try during the hols. Any mention of chutney?