Thursday, October 29, 2009

Golf Class

There's so much to post about this week I've been having trouble deciding what to post first. I'll go with this easy one first.

No, no. I'm not taking a golf lesson. Since I switched back to teaching afternoons, it's been my job to bring the second year preschoolers up to their golf lessons three days / week. Yes, 7 year olds (5 year olds in international age) are already working on their golf swing. Some of them are not so bad. The vast majority of them are absolutely abysmal and only hit the ball about once every 5 swings. Where, pray tell, are they practicing thier golf skills? Well at the driving range on the roof, of course. Since I started "teaching" golf I have forgotten how strange the driving range on the roof sounded to me for my first year in Seoul. I never understood how it worked.

Well, actually it's quite simple. It just involved hitting balls into nets about 10 yards away. The space is quite small, but they manage to have about 20 spaces for golfers.

If you want to learn more about golf, refer to my original post about the sport in Korea.


  1. This is SO cute! What school do you work at? I've never heard of this before!

  2. I work at SLP. We have all sorts of activities, like ballet, golf, kids pop, drama, etc. plus our regular class time

  3. wow! that is so fantastic! Such a great environment for the kids. and I bet it's a ton of fun to work at too! :-)