Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who hacked my skype account??

Surprisingly, this week I've been a little uninspired to write in my blog. There's just not much to write about, I guess...

So, I woke up this morning to an ugly sight. My remaining cash credit on my Skype account had gone from $1.44 to $0.37 overnight. I know what my balance is, because it hasn't changed in over a month. So every day I sign in and it says $1.44. Today I sign in and it's over a dollar lower. Yea, I know it's only a dollar, but, Do you know how much it costs per minute to talk on skype?? $0.02!! That's like... almost two hours of talking someone had to have done at my expence.

I checked my call history in my account, and saw that about 10 calls had been made to Chile of all places. Well... actually, this makes a little more sense.... I signed on to Skype from a few friends' computers while in Chile. But actually this is a little more upsetting. Is there any way one of my friends could have mistaken my account for their own?? Probably not, since mine has all MY friends on the buddy list.

Is there any way that lines just could have been crossed? Or did someone really hack my account????


  1. I think someone knowingly used your account. Could have been anybody, even someone visiting one of your friends who just "happened" to be watching as you were signing in.

  2. Quite possible.... but.... why 8 months later????

  3. They wanted to wait until you forgot about them. Be careful, they could be watching you right now!

  4. Change your password! That's obvious. Nothing they can do after that. And, yes, the time allows you to forget them. But, there is always a record. O_o