Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dim Sum in Hong Kong!

My first experience with dim sum was in Boston at Hei La Moon. That time was pretty adventurous and I ate some crazy things that passed by me on carts. This experience was quite a bit tamer, I must say.

We ate dim sum two times at a restaruant called Jade Garden in Star House, near the Star Ferry launch port in Kowloon. This was a very nice restaruant, but for the ambiance, the prices weren't bad for dim sum. I think that their other meals were much pricier.

We started off with jasmine tea for the table and some cucumber and tofu side dishes that made me think I was back in Korea (though, not in a bad way). This restaruant didn't have crazy carts going around on all sides like my last dim sum experience in Boston. There was a congee cart around, but otherwise, everything was ordered off a menu.

Under the wise advice of one of my friends who seems to know everything about Chinese food, we ordered some steamed buns. I've never had these before, though I've seen them around. They always looked very doughy to me, and I wasn't sure what was inside. I had three different kinds of steamed buns; barbeque pork, shrimp, and vegetable. They were all amazing, but the barbeque pork was especially amazing. Evidently it's a Hong Kong specialty, we saw bbq pork buns suggested in one of the tourist pamphlets we picked up at the airport. We also had some fried spring rolls or something yummy.

For more information about this traditional Cantonese brunch food, check out the wikipedia article.

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