Friday, February 27, 2009

The 63 Building

Saturday we headed over to the 63 Building to check it out, since we've been saying we were going to do that for ages now. We took Line 5 over to Youinaru on Yoido island. This is one of the biggest buisness distrcts. We went out of exit 4, and walked for about 15 minutes before arriving at the 63 Building. It looked so close, probably because it is so big, but we just kept walking and walking. Finally we arrived.

We wondered around a little in the shopping and eating area downstairs, found our friends who were waiting for us there, and then headed up to the "Sky Gallery". This is the observation area. The price was a bit steep to me, 12,000 won, but we're on a quest to do everything in this city, so I just had to suck it up and do it. We waited in line forever to get into the elevator. We finally reached the top and I realized why it was called the "Sky Gallery". The observation floor was also sort of a art gallery.

Well, we werent allowed to take photos of the art, of course, but here's the view out the window..... It's a bit polluted out lately.....

Here's something cool. Send a letter to yourself in 5 years. Put it in the mail box today, and they'll send it to you in the year of your choice.

Another view of Seoul... The mountains never look that big to me when I'm on the ground.....

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  1. Hey!

    I went to 63 Building and the SkyArt gallery just yesterday (well, Wednesday). Incidentally, I understood the signs to say no *flash* photography--after all, we paid 12000 W to do this, damned if I'm not gonna take pictures.

    We also went to the Yeouido Park which splits the island, where there is a memorial to the great King Sejong--plus, it's a cool place to spend the afternoon.

    It would be great if you would have a look at my post on the subject and let me know what you think!