Thursday, February 12, 2009

Repercussions of teachers suddenly leaving......

So, Tuesday, one of my co-workers announced that he was leaving. The next day. I think he had some sort of family emergency at home to deal with and he took off. Not like I wouldn't do the same thing if I were in his shoes, but it leaves the rest of us a bit screwed over. It didn't look like it was going to affect me, because he was a preschool teacher, and I'm an afternoon teacher. He worked from 9:30-5, I work 1:00-8:00. One of the other afternoon teachers had to take over his classes for the rest of the term (graduation for preschool is in a week an a half) and her evening classes were given to other folks. Didn't affect me, because I already had a full load of classes. They couldn't give me any more.

Then, today, my supervisor pulled me into a conference room on my 1o minute break. She basically explained to me that I would be moving to teach mornings as of the start of the new preschool session, whenever that starts. I thought to myself... well, this is ok.... this happened once before, but I was saved because a girl who used to work for the school came back and subbed until the position could be filled. I was only supposed to be temporary, until they could find a permanent person to fill that position. Ok, I suppose I can do that (as if they were offering me a choice). So, then I asked if I would go back to teaching afternoons once they hired someone to fill the IP (intensive preschool) position. No, we don't want to be switching teachers for IP. You'll work there until your contract is up.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... my worst nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuck in the same room with ten 4 or 5 year old kids (6 or 7 year old Korean age) for 4 1/2 hours a day!!! I came to work at SLP because I could teach older kids. I love my schedule. I love my students (for the most part). How can they do this to me????????????????

Well, I'm trying to look on the bright side, because... well, the other side is gona just depress me.

Here's my list of reasons why I should want to be an IP teacher.
  • Finish work at 5 (or 5:30, or 6:30)..... though... I have to be to school at 9:30.....
  • Start fresh with a class I can mold to do my bidding....
  • Fewer afternoon classes...... but way more prep work...
  • Be able to attend Korean class after work
  • Be able to eat dinner at a reasonable time
  • Be able to have the option of eating school lunch... though sometimes it makes the teachers kind of ill.... I think I have a strong stomach....
  • My two afternoon preschool classes are my favorites. Maybe these could be my favorites too.
  • Less lesson planning (because I do so much of it now... not..)

Ummm.... can anyone help me think of more??? Because everything else I can think of is a con, and I would rather focus on the pros here.............. I'm depressed enough as it is....

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  1. now youre just a regular 9 to 5'er haha.. preschool kids are cute though