Friday, February 6, 2009

Funny Kids....

So, we were reviewing animals, and talking about where they live. I asked them:

Me:Where does a dog live?
Student: In the house
Me: Good, and where does an eagle live?
Student: In the sky
Me: OK.. and where does a cat live?
Student: In the garbage!!!
Me: ... um... yeah.... that's... true...

I've always heard about kids in other schools that choose weird English names for themselves. Most of my kids don't have English names, and the ones that do generally pick decent ones. A few weeks ago, one of my first graders... who is very smart but really weird anyway.... decided that his name wasn't James anymore, but Pastday. Every time I call him James he tries to tell me that his name is Pastday. He has written it on all his books and he even wrote it on his test. I tell him every day that James is a nice name... and that Pastday... is not a name at all. But... either he doesn't understand... or more likely, he doesn't belive me. Either way... where did he come up with this "name" anyway??????

This same student, James (I refuse to call him Pastday), pointed to my stomach today and said BABY! It took every ounce of my will power not to smack him upside the head. What is it with these kids and asking if you're pregnant??? My 1 Jump High back in the summer used to do that to me every day. Made me want to strangle them. The only reconciling thought is that they have said that to the super skinny Korean teachers too. It's not just my fat American belly. I guess they just assume women should be pregnant.

Oh kids.... I'm never bored, I can say that at least.

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  1. When I worked with kindy kids they would point at my belly and say "Baby?"

    I would play along with them and say yes. hehe