Sunday, February 8, 2009

The reason behind all the vomit on the street....

Sorry for so many posts lately.... I guess I have no life, because I'm always on here posting something or other... I hope you can all keep up...

I woke this morning with a revelation. We all complain about the puke everywhere in this country (yet we all know in the back of our minds we've been the cause of it on more than one occasion), and I've finally figured out why you don't see this much puke everywhere at home.

1) It's too cheap to drink here.
2) There's no last call.

If you had to pay the prices for alcohol that you would pay at home, you would have a much smaller chance of getting so drunk that you can't stand. For example, if bars at home charged... oh... say... $5 for all you could drink of beer or hard liquor... and never closed.... what exactly would be your motivation to stop drinking before you were completely trashed? And when a bottle of soju is only 1,500 won... what is any ajossi's motivation to not down 5 bottles with one co-worker in a night? If Seoul wanted to curb its citizens' drinking problems, all they would have to do is put a huge tax on alcohol and make it illegal to serve alcohol past 2 or 3 am.

Though... I'm not saying I want that to happen... hehe


  1. And also, don't forget how easy it is to get around in Seoul--drunk driving not an issue, take the Metro.

    Well, as long as it's before 12 midnight or a bit earlier.

  2. Who needs a drunk driver when you can take a cab for like 2,000 per person? Or, heck, just wait til the metro opens at 5:30am