Saturday, February 28, 2009

My life is the epitome of globalization

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I think about how my life would not be possible if the world were not so globalized. There are so many weird contradictions in my life. Here are some I was thinking of:

  1. Reading any book by Isabelle Allende. Why? Because she is a Chilean author, who lives in the US, who writes in Spanish. Then her book is translated into English and purchased in the US. Then it is brought by someone to Korea, where I stumble across it and read it.
  2. When I speak to my friends in Chile, in Spanish, while in Korea.
  3. When I eat Indian food in Korea
  4. When I watch Korean dramas subtitled in English, then watch the Japanese version of the same drama subtitled in English.
  5. When I go to the theater to watch movies in Spanish, with Korean subtitles.
  6. Eating Korean food in Chile.
  7. Eating Mexican food in Korea.
  8. When I am able to actually go to China to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  9. When I can't communicate with waitresses in the USA because of the language barrier (ahhh Chinatown).
  10. When I used to watch my favorite American TV shows dubbed in Spanish.
  11. Practicing Spanish with my Korean teacher.
  12. Attempting to learn to read (a little) Chinese without learning to speak it.

That's all I can think of now. But what would life be like without all these crazy contradictions??? If you can think of others, feel free to comment.


  1. when I buy something in e-bay, pay by paypal, and receive it at my home in korea

  2. Good one!

    here's another. Not being able to figure out the title of an English language movie, because they translate the title...