Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dance Class Grooves: 2/9/09

I know you're all wondering what I'm dancing to this week in hip hop class. Well, it's about time: RAINISM! Yup I know you all love 비 so here's the video for your K-pop education.

Incidentally, our dance teacher suggested we check out this parody of Rainism by Kim Shin Young:

Both these videos have English subs for your maximum enjoyment. (that sounds kinda like Konglish to me...)


  1. I didn't realize Rain sang in English?! Seems that his vocab is a bit limited though... as he keeps singing the same things over and over again: 'i'm gonna be a bad boy/it's all about rainism/ it's going to be crazy now' hehe... quite interesting to listen to! I actually kind of like Asian pop, although I don't admit this to my friends back home... hihi. And Rain is HUGE in China. He's quite cute too I have to say :)

    What's it like taking dance lessons in Korea? Did u dance back home before u came to Korea?

  2. Well, I did dance from the time I was 3 til I was 18, but that's not to say I'm a good dancer. I was always the dunce of my class. But, I guess I know how to move my body more than someone just starting.

    You know, Rain's English is surprisingly good, though you wouldn't know it from his music. He's got my students convinced that rainism is a word.. they keep asking me what it means. ^_^;

    I like taking dance here, both my teachers are super nice. One of my teachers can only speak a tiny bit of english, but between my little bit of korean, and her little bit of english, we can always communicate just fine. She's one of the people it's best for me to practice my korean on, since there is no choice. Most of my other friends I always revert back to speaking english since they can speak it much better than I can speak Korean. My other teacher is a sweetheart, and he's so funny. I think talking to us twice a week has really improved his English. He's always talking to us about random problems with his girlfriend. And he forces me to strech hardcore. I've gotten so much more flexible thanks to him.