Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Small Success

Today I had one of the longest Korean conversations of my life. I was walking home from dance class when a girl started talking to me... presumably, she knew me from dance class, but... I don't think I've ever talked to her before.... honestly, I didn't recognize her at all, but she said something about class, so I don't know where else I could have met her. She didn't seem to speak much English (surprisingly, since she looked so young), which suited me just fine, because it's impossible to practice my Korean around here, because I eventually revert back to English to ask some question or clarify something. Here there was no option. I'm happy to say that I successfully understood half her questions and was able to answer them.

I'm still programed to answer all the basic questions.
Where do you live? I live in ....
Where are you from? I'm from the USA
Where do you work? I work in wangshimni, at a hagwon
Are you going home? Yes (or No)
You speak Korean very well. No, I really don't

I'm quite uncreative with my answers honestly, but I was proud of myself. I've been dying to use the word for intersection, but it's never come up in conversation. But today I was able to say.... at the intersection, my house is on the right.

Small victories.... small victories....

Maybe I'll recognize her again and I can talk to her again in Korean only...... god I need practice.....

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