Saturday, February 7, 2009

So lost....

So, today at Korean Class I moved up to the next level... level 3. I learned all the grammar I could out of level 2, which was present, past, future and present progressive, and I decided to graduate myself into level 3. What a shock. The class was taught almost entirely in Korean... which is what I wanted, but I assumed the other students would be on a similar level as me. It was a nice thought... most seemed a little more advanced than me, which is fine, but one student was practically fluent. The teacher just spent half the class teaching to him, since he was the only one who could easily formulate questions and really wanted to know more nuances of using the new grammar forms that we were learning.

I don't know if I'm ready for this. The grammar wasn't too difficult.... when I could understand what was going on... but my vocabulary is so poor that I just can't have much of a conversation.... God I need to study hard this week so I can have a chance to keep up... but where to even begin??? Maybe I need to go back to my level 1 notes and work harder to memorize that vocabulary... Is it bad that I can't even remember the days of the week? or more than 4 colors? My Korean knowledge is too patchy.... I wish I had a textbook that taught vocabulary and grammar together like we had in middle school and high school for learning Spanish. That's where you learn all the random words that don't come up for another 10 years until finally one day you get to use them (like bucear- scuba dive).

Well, maybe I should be studying instead of blogging about wanting to study. I'm going to get on that.... right.. now....

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