Tuesday, August 23, 2011

En el Mercado (In the Market)

As I do much of my shopping in the market near my house in Korea, I wanted to find out what a Spanish market was like. While we were in Puerto de Santa Maria, near Cadiz, I finally got the chance. The owner of the bed and breakfast where we were staying gave us many suggestions of where to go, but my ears really perked up when he told us there was a market nearby. On our last day, we went to check it out. We had already made the mistake of going to the market in Cadiz too late in the day and missing the action, so we made sure to stop by first thing in the morning before it could close up on us. 

Now, my first thought was how sanitary it all seemed.... compared to 중앙시장 near my  house where they need to create little motorized brushes to keep the flies off the meat and fish, here everything was indoors, sterile and (apparently) insect free.

My friend with me, on the other hand, had never seen a seafood market like this and was a little revolted by the fact that everything was out on display like this. 

We accidentally ordered these things the previous evening for dinner (silly us, we confused huevos with huevas. Huevos are eggs. Huevas are also like eggs, but not the kind from a bird, but from fish. The English word for them would be roe). They actually don't taste terrible, but we couldn't figure out what on earth we were eating and that made our meal rather unpleasant.

I really liked the presentation on this one!

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  1. Ha! So funny how one little letter can make a world of difference...

    So envious of your market outing and love the attention to detail, too! ;)