Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm on a Boat

This was... more or less... me on Wednesday: 

Yea, I was on a boat. A sailboat in fact, sailing on the open waters of New Bedford Harbor. Ok, those aren't really open waters, but the wind/surf was too rough and my uncle didn't want to take us three novices (me and my two cousins) out of the harbor. It was a really fun experience nevertheless and I would definitely go again if I get the opportunity. Oh, and we definitely were singing this song the whole ride. 

The dock where we got on our dingy to get to the boat.

The aproach to our boat, the Dream Catcher

Sailing is a lot of work. Fortunately, I got to sit and watch while others got it all set up. 

Once we got into the harbor we opened up the sail and shut off the engine. We sailed along for over an hour in the harbor on our own wind power. 

Finally it was time to call it quits and go back. We had to make lots of preparations to leave the boat as Hurricane Irene is set to hit on Sunday morning. I hope the little boat survives out there so I can go out there again someday!


  1. FB tells me it's your birthday. Hope you are having a happy one!

  2. Thanks! Riding my birthday out in Hurricane Irene here... tons of fun, let me tell you.